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Objective: Ask individuals if they would like to sign up for an automatic SMS service.
(1) prepare an MS EXCEL spreadsheet or MS ACCESS database that has a column of mobile telephone numbers; label the column something like "Mobile Number".
(2) import the spreadsheet or database into the form below.
(3) select the sheet or table where the mobile telephone numbers are present.
(4) select the column name or field name where the mobile telephone numbers are present.
(5) compose the SMS message or text message in the box provided.
(6) choose which service to sign up.
(6) hit the "send" button.
The message will be sent automatically to everyone on the list provided. This may take several minutes, to several hours, depending on the number of phone numbers on the list (one message per minute is a conservative estimate).

Step 1 (Optional): Create Custom XLS or MDB file
The only format requirement here is there must be one column containing phone numbers. The program will automatically detect this column. You may create your own file or click this excel example to open, edit, and save as your own excel file. You may skip to next step if you have already created such excel file.

Step 2: Import List - Get phone numbers to send out SMS.

CRM List:
Other List: (xls, mdb)




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